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"Gosearch had consulted Techmagnate with specific objectives in mind. It’s requirements from this SEO project were - Ranking and Traffic."


Shree Ganesh Remedies Limited is an Indian Pharmaceuticals company and one of the proud subsidiaries of the Ganesh Group of Industrie which is presently having its headquarter in Ankleshwar in Gujarat. Number one position in search engine increase.

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  • Date :21st Aug, 2017
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Case Info

The CEO of SEO Brandcare, made it clear to SEO Inc. that his goals were to:

  • Increase organic traffic 5% per month
  • Increase the number of keywords on the first two pages of Google results.
  • Increase Social medis angagement
  • Increase organic traffic
  • Create new sections to display information


However, 4 months down the road they still didn't have much traffic on the website. Having a good looking website was not enough to attract traffic.


Finally, they approached us and asked us to help them promote their website. She told us about the Business, their products and how they wanted to aggressively market pharmaceuticals. After a few days of research and another meeting with them, it was decided to promote the website for "pharmaceutical drug intermediate" and "API Intermediate manufacturers". As documented in the Proposal, within 3 months of SEO, was ranked on the Page 1 of Google, Yahoo and MSN for "pharmaceutical drug intermediate" and "API Intermediate manufacturers". When we looked at the first month's report I was amazed to see that we had gone from nowhere to Page 5 in just under a months time. And before I even got the third and final month's report, we were already on page 1."

It takes Time

Need More Money

Convert to Sales

keywords Work


Today SGRL gets 50-60 hits per day. They are flooded with queries about high pharmaceutical intermediates and have even started exporting this product to out country too. Earlier it was only being used locally and being exported to the Middle East. In fact, it has really helped with their other products as well. People visit their website looking for pharmaceutical intermediates, but end up placing orders for other related products as well.
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0.24% CTR

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290% ROI